Applications Web Progressives (AWPs) en tant que une nouvelle expérience de l'internet mobile

Saveur Bière est une société française de vente de bières en ligne et reste le leader du marché depuis 2007 avec son offre impressionnante de plus de 2500 de produits.

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L’e-commerce continue de progresser de manière signifiante par l’utilisation du mobile au cours des dernières années. Saveur Bière s'est rendu compte qu'une partie non négligeable de son chiffre d'affaires était perdue en raison de taux de conversion de insatisfaisants de vente sur les smartphones. bPol a été approchée en tant que partenaire de développement de logiciel à long terme.


Building separate native applications was eliminated as a potential solution as it would require a download from users, decreasing the conversion further. Saveur Bière’s mobile experience was rebuilt using React, Redux, Redux-Saga and webpack. Several improvements that were introduced led to increased conversion rates. These included ultrafast load time and ability to work with limited network or even offline.


In order to introduce Progressive Web App (PWA) and rebuild mobile experience, bPol decided to use a modern stack of technologies that enabled the team to write fast and clean code that could be integrated with the original e-commerce platform. React and Redux, both JavaScript libraries, were chosen to build the user interface. The team chose a relational database (MySQL) for client and order information storage, a NoSQL database (DynamoDB) for session and cart storage, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud platform of choice.


bPol always starts with a briefing session to fully understand clients’ needs and desired outcomes. Once the proposed roadmap has been established, we proceeded to break down the development process into a backlog of smaller tasks. Scrum helped not only to deliver the project faster, but also made bPol’s work transparent throughout.


User experience on Saveur Bière has greatly improved, leading to higher revenue. Percentage of customers dropping their cart dropped significantly. Faster and more secure check-out developed as a result of Payment Request API add to higher conversion. Users can also download the app and have a native-like experience.

bPol has been an incredible technical partner for growing our digital businesses. They have an approach to communication that has allowed us to excel in working with their teams remotely. As a result, we have project and feature outputs that are highly in sync with our stakeholder needs. The quality of the code and expertise in technical delivery have made them an invaluable asset to delivering our engineering needs. Highly recommended!

France Roy
Global Head of Engineering at ZX Ventures

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